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 Mouse via IR in Ego-Shooters

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PostSubject: Mouse via IR in Ego-Shooters   Sat 24 Jan - 5:36

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get my Wiimote working with Ego-Shooters (via IR), but the problem is that, although the mouse works fine under windows, as soon as I start e.g. Quake4 the mouse doesn't respond anymore, just the buttons work.
Using FEAR the mouse works in the main menu, but stops working when the game starts, means: I can't look around.

I'm searching for a solution for several weeks now and the only thing I could find out is, that's there's a program for Macs with which it works fine. Problem is: I'm using Windows XP SP2.
The program I use to handle the input from the Wiimote is GlovePIE and, as already said, under XP it works very fine.

My guess is that the problem lies somewhere in the way how the games handle the mouse.
Maybe I have to use another variable in GlovePIE instead of "mouse.cursorPosX" to handle the mouse in the game.

Hope you can help me or have any ideas how to get it working,

so long

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Mouse via IR in Ego-Shooters
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