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PostSubject: Script Creator   Tue 22 May - 7:51

Nice approach with the Script Creator to enable people that are not too geeky to create keymappings for the Wii controllers. Very Happy

Two remarks though:

First: You should really not include the .NET framework as this bloats the downloadsize immensly. Even today lots of people have to depend on smallband connections to the internet and for those the DL is somewhat big. The newer .NET frameworks are often included on cover CDs or the like (you can of course always offer the framework as an additional download).

Second: What I am missing is the possibility to combine Wiimote and Nunchuck-actions for keymaps. For example map Nunchuk-Left to A but only if Nunchuk-Z is pressed. I use this with GlovePie: Stick moves, plus Z rotates, plus C zooms.

If you could add that possibility it would be a great improvement.

Is it possible to get the source? Whats it written in? VC, VC# or VB?
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PostSubject: Re: Script Creator   Fri 25 May - 6:01

thanx a lot xanathon Very Happy
1. My program is written in VB.net
2. This is a beta version of Windowii script creator so i don't finish it and there is a lot of command i have to add (sorry for my english i'm french)
3. I'm going to add an aditionnal download for .NET

to be continued ...
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PostSubject: Re: Script Creator   Mon 9 Jul - 9:12

Can someone create a GlovePIE script using the accelerometer to the mouse?
I want to hold the Wiimote Vertical and by twisting forward, the mouse goes up, and by twisting backwards, the mouse goes down. turning Left: the mouse moves left and turning right: the mouse goes right...
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PostSubject: Re: Script Creator   

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